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Rayan is REALLY excited about his birthday this year. It falls on Eid ul Fitr and even though he is excited, he is also slightly worried that the family Eid traditions will get in the way of his plans for his birthday. Follow his journey in the last few days of Ramadan as he anxiously counts down to Eid and his birthday. Will his plans turn out just as he prayed for?


My Eid-tastic Birthday is the first title in a new inclusive book series titled Rayan’s World. It features a soon-to-be 9yr old Nigerian boy as he navigates growing up in a multi-faceted world. It is perfect for readers aged 7+.



Ẹ̀bùn the Exotic Elephant loves to dance but she is very SHY. She is unlike most elephants because she is tiny and pink. She doesn't like the attention she receives because she looks different. Her best friend Lándé is excited to take her to their favourite festival, the Ẹ̀yò festival. They have tried to go many times but Ẹ̀bùn never quite made it. Will Ẹ̀bùn overcome her fears and make it to the festival this year?

The story inspires self confidence, highlights the beauty in diverse friendships whilst introducing children to the Yorùbá heritage of Nigeria in a fun and engaging way.

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